I always love doing these! Going onto farms, Lakes, Rivers, Local parks, Somewhere special to you as a family, Anywhere! I love to make these as fun as possible for the kids because if they are enjoying it, we will see those genuine smiles from them!  I normally take the kids on an adventure, find something cool like an odd shaped rock to get them warmed up to me and show them my camera if they need a little time to adjust. I always find by keeping the session casual and relaxed, kids cooperate a lot better which means you as the parents can just enjoy the experience with out any worries about getting them to smile!  We can send them on a race, cross a little stream, climb something, and just watch the happy faces light up with excitement!   


It is just $60 for a 45 minute session which you pay upon booking to secure your day and time with me. Once your session is done, I send you a beautifully presented private online gallery where you can view all the edited images and sit in the comfort of your own home as a family and select the ones you would like to purchase with no pressure. Digital packages range from $500 - $899.

There is also the option to have your favorite images framed  ready to go straight onto your home wall along with special keepsake bags with matted prints.

For full price sheet please inquire